#UsToo: Raising Awareness of LGBTQ Survivors





#UsToo is an awareness campaign for the Violence Recovery Program (VRP) at Fenway Health and funded by the Office of Violence Against Women. It's purpose was to help educate LGBTQ survivors, service providers, and the general public about sexual assault within marginalized communities, as well as promote the VRP’s services.

Hoping to dive deeper into survivors’ first-hand experiences, our research consisted of a SWOT analysis, in-person interviews, multiple design thinking group exercises, and group discussions and interviews with staff behavioral health therapists.

This month-long campaign leveraged digital platforms including geo-targeted mobile ads, paid digital advertising, and boosted posts through social media, traditional print materials, as well as MBTA and radio ads.

HOW International Design Awards: Advertising

International Design Award (IDA) Gold: Multimedia/Online Advertising Design

NESHCo Lamplighter Award: Gold in Cause/Social Marketing

GD USA Health + Wellness Award

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