You Deserve

VRP Domestic Violence Awareness Month Facebook Post


youdeserve poster - yellow2


youdeserve poster - blue


Awareness video run on Facebook.


Radio spot by Massachusetts Broadcasters Association



You Deserve Website



You Deserve

This is an awareness campaign focused on promoting positive messages around healthy relationships via the concept of someone telling the viewer "You deserve...". Design thinking exercises were used to help the team identify what would be helpful for someone to hear when seeking services and help.

Thus far, marketing initiatives have included statewide radio spots, targeted Facebook marketing video campaigns and weekly posts during domestic violence awareness month, sexual assault awareness month, and during the month of June for PRIDE, as well as more traditional outreach methods using palm cards, flyers, brochures, etc. at the two satellite sites. A landing page was developed to drive traffic to the sites for additional information about the program and services. The awareness and outreach efforts have been designed to reach residents throughout all of Massachusetts.

Additional Projects